Mud Muppet History

About the Mud Muppets

Visiting Rog is currently not possible, however, as strict border controls imposed by the Great Lord Leviaticus, the God-like ruler of Rog, and other certifiably important planetary rulers across the known universe make it difficult to enter and even harder to leave. This is to ensure that interaction and information exchange with different foreign and alien species is kept to a minimum (for health and safety reasons), that intergalactic income and wealth inequalities are kept in place (for health and safety reasons), and loyalty to Leviaticus and other certified planetary rulers is maintained (for health and safety reasons).

As an inherently nomadic species that circumstantially found themselves trapped on Rog when the Great Leviaticus and his Leviatican supporters came to power (for health and safety reasons), the MudMuppets initially bowed to the ruling order. They attempted to comply with an economic-political system built on indebtedness to the Leviaticans, who lend money to citizens so they can pay other Leviaticans to attend learning institutions and gain approval to do a job and pay taxes to make other Leviaticans wealthier, so they can pay other Leviaticans to ensure Leviaticus stays in power. Hence Leviaticus was happy, but the Mud Muppets were not, and they were also slightly confused.

The Mud Muppets rebelled and sought communication with the outside galaxy by skirting official channels, but the Leviaticans imposed increasingly draconian rules and regulations, ultimately forcing the Mud Muppets into a state of indentured slavery to the Leviatican system with limited rights and freedoms.

Their last freedom is the freedom of expression.