Brain of Clay

The Start of MudMuppet Ceramic ArtMud Muppets sell mud, which in some parts of the universe is also known as ceramic art, pottery, claywork or some other amalgamation of such technical, orphic and esoteric words. Mud Muppets also create things that may not involve mud. Sometimes they are mystically inspired to make non-muddocks art, such as oily paintings, metally works, and bananas*.

Mud Muppets even have an Earthly certificate** to prove their artistic abilities. Certification is not necessary to produce and sell art in most other parts of the known universe. However, they have learnt from interactions with the semi-intelligent partially-dominant life-form on Earth how important it is to have certificates, records and pieces of mashed up plant life (otherwise known as papers) to prove how important and remarkable they are.

All this certifiably important and remarkable art is made on the planet Rog, a highly perceptual, abstract and slightly soggy planet south of the great dust nebula and very close to a large but mostly uninteresting interstellar cabbage patch. The intelligent dominant life-form on Earth has promised to add the planet to the Maps for their Android systems in the future.

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Crafted with blood, sweat and tears, Mud Muppets’ irreverent art is inspired by their history, society, culture, spirituality and nature, especially in its greenest, most psychedelic and carcinogenic form. Here’s an artsy statement***.

Mud Muppet art is (certifiably) vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, socially responsible, tree-hugging and yoga-loving. It is fully biological, organic and antibiotic-free. It is not dermatologically tested, and no animals, aliens or bacteria are knowingly harmed in its production.

As a mineral-based, lutite-evolved and golem-like life-form, Mud Muppets use only the most local ingredients that suit their deep artistic and creative needs****. Not all products are food safe*****, eye safe or mentally stable.

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